Hey, I'm Sobin.

If you know who I am, hey. If you don't, hi. I am Sobin, and I make a bunch of stuff. Here's a bit of details:

In terms of Art

I do 3D art, or 2D art when my drawing skills haven't leaved my soul yet. I started 3D two years ago I think, and progressed to the point where I could do backrooms animation. The type of video that Dinnerbone777 does. For the 2D art, I sometimes draw characters whenever I can. I also got interested in Graphic Designing, which I begin to be a bit used to. I also do VHS type stuff, that's pretty sick I guess.

In terms of Music

I started making music in August 2021, with "Repetitive". Then from now, everytime I'm bored, I try to finish the music I started and that I never touched again. My music tastes varies quite a lot. I can go from chiptune, then to micro-tonal music, jazz, and odd stuff. I find this nice. I recently found my favorite singer ever, which is Ginger Root. If you have never heard about him, go check him on Youtube. He clearly deserves more subscribers. His way to make his music videos, to sell his products, and everything is genius. He replicated the 90's City Pop style in such a great way that you feel like he transports you into the Japanese 90's. It's beautiful, and he's in a chapter of my life.

Wanna see some cool stuff?


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